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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Condominium Fee ?

by jennie mega - 08/12/2020
What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Condominium Fee ?


Can I refuse to pay for condo maintenance fee ? The answer is NO! The JMB can sue you in court or the Strata Management Tribunal if you fail to pay the outstanding charges within 14 days of being served with a written notice by the JMB.


1. Seize Movable Assets 
They can also seize movable properties. The items will be auctioned off to settle the outstanding charges, such as : smartphones, televisions and other electrical appliances.


2. Publicize Your Name 
The management body can display your name in a list of defaulters together with your unit number and amount owed.

3. Deactivate Your Card
Your access card to your residential complex will be deactivated without prior notice. You will be charged a maximum of RM 50 to reactivate the card.


4. Enter As A Guest 
You are required to sign in when entering the building if your card is deactivated. A security guard will have to follow a defaulter to the unit every time he enters the compound.

5. Unable To Use Facilities
Your access to common facilities will be suspended. That includes car park lots that have been assigned to you.


6. CTOS & CCRIS Record 
Your name will be blacklisted in CTOS and CCRIS which may negatively affect any future bank loans. You might not want to mess with this.

7. Commit a criminal offence
Strata owners could be committing a criminal offence. They may be liable to a fine not exceeding RM 5,000 or imprisonment for a maximum of three years, or both.




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