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Phone No. : 042969222
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Website: : www.msummit.com
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M Summit Group is a company on the move. In its pursuit of excellence, it is proud to be a Penang-born product which has grown from a small construction firm in 2000 into a thriving multidisciplinary organisation of distinction. The Group strives to break mental barriers, make game-changing decisions and deliver trendsetting products while staying grounded to its humble roots. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, Group Founder and Managing Director Dato’ Albert Moh See Eng has propelled the company from humble beginnings into one of the key players in the construction industry. Over the years, Dato’ Moh and his growing ‘family’ of dedicated employees have built the company’s reputation as a choice developer in the state. M Summit Group is the first private developer to build Penang’s affordable housing project – Ramah Pavilion – while its luxury low-density condominium Scots Pavilion which comes with a host of unique facilities will be completed soon. The long list of accomplishments under the Group’s belt comprises both landed and high-rise units in strategic locations all over Penang. And as diversity is the way forward, the M Summit Group has ventured into the hospitality and wellness sectors as well – with the additions of M Summit 191 Executive Hotel Suites and Res-Rehab Centre respectively. When passion, positive thinking and knowledge collide, they form a force to be reckon with and the possibilities are endless. It is this synergetic combination that has helped build the cornerstones of M Summit Group. Thus, as its fulfilling journey continues, the Group invites everyone to be a part of it.

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